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Ridge Road Nursery in Fournier: Our Inventory

Ridge Road Nursery offers a vast selection of trees…

Ridge Road Nursery in Fournier, Ontario carries an inventory of 90 different types of trees. We sell trees on a wholesale and retail basis, especially large-caliber trees and evergreens. Our horticultural expertise and experience allow us to provide our clients with superior-quality products.

…grown under ideal conditions…

We have all of the equipment required to grow our trees under ideal conditions. Our trees start out in a nursery, where they are protected. They are then moved to their natural environment, where they grow stronger. This allows them to develop a resistance to heat, inclement weather and winter conditions.

…and displaying their best for you

As a result of our approach, our trees are full and resistant to the seasons without losing their leaves or needles. They will effectively protect your home from strong winds and peering eyes, and they provide the ideal decorative element for your home or green space.

No matter what type of tree you select (large or small) at Ridge Road Nursery, you will be completely satisfied.

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